Event Recap: Happy Birthday Brian Christopher

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Brian Christopher, Courtney and Marco

Today is Brian Christopher’s birthday, and our contributor Courtney attended his Las Vegas day gathering astatine Park MGM a fewer days ago. Here’s her recap of nan event:

This past week I attended Brian Christopher’s “Birthday Meet & Greet” astatine Mama Rabbit Mezcal + Tequila Bar wrong Park MGM. 

While I’ve been to a fistful of Brian’s group propulsion events successful nan past, this was my first clip attending a Meet & Greet. Once guests, myself included, filtered done nan registration process, we were soon greeted by an array of saccharine treats and an unfastened bar.

Not excessively agelong aft nan charismatic arena commencement time, a personnel of Brian’s team, Raymond, hopped connected stage. He gave a speedy preamble and said nan impermanent of grant would beryllium location soon. In emblematic Brian fashion, he was wrapping up a prize series and was headed complete to subordinate nan fun. 

Once he arrived, Brian was met pinch a dense helping of cheers arsenic he climbed nan stage. From location he began addressing nan sizable crowd and offered his gratitude for everyone successful attendance. When it was clip to get nan Q&A information of nan arena started, Brian fielded questions astir his mundane life and what it is for illustration to beryllium a driving unit successful nan casino influencer industry. 

Of course, you can’t person a Q&A pinch Brian without asking really he sewage started. Brian gave an overview of really he utilized to thrust Uber and return his net from nan time to nan casino pinch nan extremity to double his money. After uploading a fewer gambling videos to his channel, primitively group up to support his acting career, he saw really good they were being received and decided to adhd more. Thousands of uploads later, and Brian has amassed good complete 4 hunded cardinal life views connected YouTube alone, pinch different videos watched connected Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. 

One of nan questions that offered a look into Brian’s individual life was really often he spoils his husband, Marco, pinch his casino winnings. This gave Brian nan cleanable opportunity to stock nan communicative of getting Marco a very difficult to find Rolex that he presented to him connected a caller travel to Paris. 

Towards nan extremity of nan Q&A session, Park MGM presented Brian pinch a civilization barroom that was designed to look for illustration his “Brian Christopher’s Pop’N Pays More™” slot machine. In summation to nan dessert buffet and free flowing drinks, each personification that registered for nan arena besides received $25 Free Play loaded to their cards. 

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