Gaming Innovation Group Signs New Deals in Spain and Argentina

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gig_sign_deals_for_spain_and_argentinaGaming Innovation Group (GiG), 1 of nan world’s astir salient package solution providers for online casinos and sports betting websites, has announced that its world footprint has further expanded pursuing nan signing of 2 caller business agreements successful Spain and Argentina.

The first business was nan 1 signed pinch Juegging, a awesome usability successful nan Spanish market who owns land-based venues, an online casino, and a sports betting website. The usability decided to migrate onto X-Suite, nan turnkey guidance level that GiG offers to its customers.

This will let Juegging to revamp its sports betting offering while expanding nan number of costs methods available. Moreover, nan online casino and sports betting usability will beryllium capable to connection contented from much providers since nan GiG level comes pinch plentifulness of games from respective world suppliers.

The Spanish marketplace is simply a very important 1 for Gaming Innovation Group because it is expected to make almost 2 cardinal euros successful gross gaming revenues per twelvemonth by nan extremity of nan adjacent three-year cycle.

Big Deal successful Argentina

The CoreX level developed by Gaming Innovation Group is group to make its expansive entranceway into nan Argentine market through a caller business pinch SIGAR S.A., a section usability of land-based casinos and slot halls.

GiG has go a very powerful beingness successful nan Argentine marketplace arsenic it has partnerships successful spot pinch brands operated successful nan 7 regulated provinces of nan country. In 2021 nan institution marked a important infinitesimal erstwhile it received support to run successful Buenos Aires from LOTBA, nan gambling regulator of nan City of Buenos Aires.

SIGAR S.A. is readying to grow its business online and that is why it entered nan business pinch GiG arsenic nan package supplier has plentifulness of acquisition erstwhile it comes to taking land-based casino operators into nan online world. In fact, GiG has signed aggregate specified partnerships successful caller years some successful Latin America and successful Europe.

The marketplace successful Latin America is simply a very lucrative 1 arsenic well, it is expected to make complete 3.7 cardinal dollars successful gross adjacent twelvemonth according to information supplied by Statista.

Gaming Innovation Group was founded successful 2012 and since past has developed into a powerful brand, recognized anyplace successful nan world. The institution operates retired of Malta and is listed some connected nan Oslo Stock Exchange and connected Nasdaq Stockholm.

Source: “GiG bags a brace of deals for Spain and Argentina, pinch 2 caller partners for its iGaming level CoreX and Sportsbook, SportX“. GiG. March 21, 2024.

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