Evoplay Partners with PinterBet to Expand Award-Winning Content in Italy

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Evoplay, an award-winning contented supplier to nan iGaming industry, has entered a B2C business pinch nan salient Italian usability PinterBet. The contented woody is group to supply nan innovative crippled improvement workplace pinch an extended scope successful nan Italian gaming market. At nan aforesaid time, nan business enables PinterBet to entree nan provider’s room and use from a bid of premier titles going unrecorded via its online casino platform.

Award-Winning Portfolio Going Live pinch Operator

evoplay_announces_italian_expansion_with_pinterbet_partnership_The award-winning portfolio includes a wide scope of genres and themes, arsenic good arsenic blockbusters like Mega Greatest Catch, Inner Fire Bonus Buy and Penalty Shoot-out, as good arsenic different gems from nan in-demand shot crippled series. Evoplay will usage nan latest content proviso deal to summation its singular beingness successful nan breathtaking Italian market. Such an established marketplace position will alteration nan workplace to additionally attraction connected premium in-house developments to proceed mounting standards successful nan industry. The utilization of high-end solutions and impeccable slot features is group to further boost Evoplay’s operations successful nan lucrative gaming jurisdiction.

Content Diversification

On nan different hand, PinterBet has meticulously developed its land-based and online casino operations since it was founded successful 2016. The usability now boasts a web of much than 50 unit casino facilities successful nan state pinch divers offerings and value arsenic nan communal crushed for nan contented rolled retired crossed each operations. Such an attack includes nan operator’s online arm employing top-performing contented to guarantee an exclusive gaming experience to its players.

Building Reputation done Continued Expansion

The latest contented business will truthful bring much than 90 selected titles to nan level to further diversify nan operator’s scope of proviso for Italian customers. At nan aforesaid time, nan woody represents a continued travel done nan prestigious online marketplace for Evoplay, aft nan supplier collaborated pinch Tuko and BetFlag to gradually summation Italian foothold. The scope is now extended further to reenforce nan marketplace position and proceed building estimation of some partners to nan deal.

Ihor Zarechnyi, CBDO astatine Evoplay, said: “Italy is simply a cardinal marketplace for america astatine Evoplay and we are thrilled to partner pinch PinterBet, an usability pinch an established marque successful nan country.Our unique portfolio of games has already proven celebrated pinch Italian players, and acknowledgment to PinterBet’s wide customer base, our beingness will beryllium elevated by this caller agreement.”

Roberto d’Amora, CEO astatine PinterBet, added: “At PinterBet, we strive to partner pinch nan champion suppliers successful nan industry, and Evoplay’s games are amongst nan astir revered successful nan sector. With galore themes for players to immerse themselves in, we person nary uncertainty that this woody will beryllium a immense boost to america arsenic we purpose to bolster our estimation arsenic 1 of Italy’s starring operators.”

Source: “Evoplay announces Italian description pinch PinterBet partnership”. European Gaming. March 25, 2024.

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