Groove Enhances Its Partners Network Through a Deal with 3 Oaks Gaming

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groove_plant_more_seeds_with_3_oaks_gaming_2Groove, nan celebrated iGaming casino level supplier and aggregator, joined forces pinch 3 Oaks Gaming, nan renowned iGaming contented distributor.

A important measurement towards world description :

This isn’t nan first woody Groove agreed upon recently. The institution signed various agreements anterior to ICE2024 to fortify its position successful nan world marketplace and grow to caller markets each complete nan world.

The newest woody pinch 3 Oaks Gaming is a awesome accomplishment for Groove. The awesome portfolio of 3 Oaks Gaming will beryllium added to the aggregation level developed by Groove to heighten its worth and make it much absorbing to its fans. On nan different hand, this woody gives 3 Oaks an opportunity to reach caller players across various cardinal markets successful nan world and heighten its position successful them.

Among nan games that will beryllium included successful nan offering and disposable connected Groove’s level are deed releases specified arsenic celebrated Hold and Win releases, arsenic good arsenic Little Farm, 3 Hot Chillies, 777 Coins, and nan celebrated Goddess of Egypt. The offering besides includes a deed bid of games, specified arsenic Sun of Egypt, Aztec Fire, Gold Nuggets, Crystal Scarabs, Lady Fortune, African Spirit Sticky Wilds, and Olaf Viking.

Advanced integration

The games will beryllium disposable done nan integration pinch GroovePlay. Groove’s celebrated level sees much than 100 caller games each period successful its offering, truthful nan portfolio keeps growing. Currently, more than 15,000 games are disposable to players, each of them disposable via one azygous API.

The company’s partners web consists of much than 100 renowned contented partners, including nan astir caller 1 pinch 3 Oaks Gaming, and keeps quickly expanding. Through these partnerships, Groove focuses connected processing and adding new, advanced, and unsocial products. Among the astir celebrated types of games are slots, online casino games, unrecorded casino, poker, and array games. Its offering besides includes clang games, sweepstakes, sportsbooks, virtual sports, and lottery.

Sebastian Damian, Managing Director of 3 Oaks Gaming, said: “Through this tie-in pinch Groove we boost our credentials arsenic a supplier group to grow its footprint crossed a plethora of operators and jurisdictions acknowledgment to nan caller partnership. We person eager plans to grow globally truthful we are very excited astir this woody arsenic a cardinal pillar of our strategy.”

Yahale Meltzer, COO and co-founder astatine Groove said: “This business pinch 3 Oaks Gaming underscores our relentless pursuit of expanding our offerings and delivering world-class contented to nan iGaming community. Our usability web is perpetually looking for caller content, not only successful nan shape of nan much than 100 caller titles we adhd each period but besides successful partner workplace diverseness wherever 3 Oaks Gaming has a unsocial group of subordinate propositions.”


“Groove works much seeds pinch 3 Oaks Gaming”,, January 30, 2024.

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