IGT’s Sustainability Triumph, AAA Rating in MSCI ESG Evaluation

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As impervious of its unwavering devotion to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) excellence, International Game Technology PLC (IGT) proudly announced that nan institution has achieved the highest imaginable MSCI ESG rating—AAA.

This stellar people from nan world standing agency reflects IGT’s year-over-year progress in managing ESG-related risks and capitalizing connected opportunities, positioning nan institution arsenic a sustainability leader successful its sector.

Navigating ESG Terrain – IGT’s Yearly Surge

igt_achieves_highest_possible_msci_esg_rating_of_aaa_2IGT’s singular accomplishment successful securing a AAA standing underscores its proactive attack to ESG considerations. Situs togel which measure a company’s resilience to semipermanent ESG risks, spot IGT astatine nan forefront of nan industry, reflecting nan company’s strategical alignment pinch sustainable practices.

Breaking down nan AAA score, the company shines peculiarly agleam successful cardinal categories. Governance, merchandise information and quality, c emissions management, and labour practices are standout areas wherever IGT has garnered precocious marks. This well-rounded capacity underscores IGT’s holistic desire for sustainable practices, from governance excellence to reducing its c footprint and ensuring nan highest standards successful merchandise safety.

MSCI ESG Research, nan esteemed world authority connected ESG evaluations, employs a meticulous process to measure and complaint companies connected a AAA-CCC standard comparative to their manufacture peers. IGT’s top-tier standing speaks volumes astir its conscientious business practices, pinch a attraction connected minimizing risks and capitalizing connected opportunities successful a quickly evolving ESG landscape.

Insights for Investors, MSCI’s Critical Role

MSCI’s ESG Ratings connection investors invaluable insights into a company’s ESG-related practices. By providing a comprehensive study of thousands of companies globally, MSCI equips organization investors pinch nan devices to make informed decisions, identifying some risks and opportunities that mightiness flight accepted finance research.

As IGT proudly displays its AAA ESG Rating, nan institution stands arsenic a beacon of sustainable excellence successful nan gaming industry, reinforcing its loyalty to responsible business practices and resilience successful nan look of evolving ESG dynamics.

Wendy Montgomery, IGT SVP, Marketing, Communications and Sustainability said: “IGT achieving nan MSCI AAA ESG standing demonstrates our beardown committedness to enhancing our company-wide sustainability results done our ongoing Sustainable Play initiatives. Sustainability is embedded passim our regular operations arsenic we attraction connected creating semipermanent worth for our cardinal stakeholders.”

Source: ”IGT Achieves Highest-Possible MSCI ESG Rating of AAA”. European Gaming. January 26, 2024.

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