SOFTSWISS Integrates AI into Its Online Casino Platform

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Slot Asia - SOFTSWISS, an innovative package solution supplier to nan iGaming industry, takes nan online casino acquisition to different level pinch nan integration of AI into its latest Casino Platform development. The award-winning SOFTSWISS Casino Platform will now spot nan high-tech AI instrumentality integrated into nan Event Streaming feature, arsenic good arsenic nan Bonus API characteristic updated accordingly.

Event Streaming Feature

Event Streaming is simply a celebrated level characteristic regularly utilized by a ample mostly of players for its real-time monitoring and continuous broadcasting capabilities. Players are truthful continuously updated astir their actions and statistics connected nan platform. The latest update expands nan scope of nan characteristic to additionally see events for illustration casino tournaments, players’ statistics, payments and transactions, and more.

AI-Driven Platform Feature

Thriving to render an unparalleled online casino experience, SOFTSWISS now integrates nan latest predictive analytics improvement into nan Event Streaming AI feature. The functionality relies connected machine learning to make predictive data aimed to service arsenic a reference for players visiting nan platform. The package will besides beryllium nan borderline for anticipating nan Lifetime Value (LTV) and different variables progressive successful nan postulation connected nan Casino Platform.

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Target Audience and Traffic

At nan aforesaid time, nan AI-driven Event Streaming characteristic will thief operators scope their target audiences, place VIP players, and widen player retention. The characteristic tin of identifying low-quality postulation connected nan level will besides thief operators set their advertising resources and policies to support customers connected nan level and use from nan target audiences and high-rollers.

Bonus API Functionality

casino_platform_unveils_ai_driven_event_streaming (1)The Event Streaming besides includes nan Bonus API, a personalized prize issuance functionality boasting an enhanced precision successful transmitting nan data. It features a ‘total duration’ update arsenic it merges nan activation and wagering periods for bonuses. The functionality tin besides beryllium utilized to person free spins straight activated done nan Bonus API.

Ivan Borschyov, Head of Business Operations astatine SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, commented: “We are excited to unveil nan latest updates to nan SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, featuring nan integration of instrumentality learning into Event Streaming and simplified prize management. These enhancements empower operators pinch much efficient, data-driven devices for subordinate engagement and business optimisation.’’

Borschyov added: “Accurate forecasting and readying alteration operators to foretell changes successful subordinate activity and proactively mitigate risks. We are assured these innovations will group a caller modular successful online gaming management, further solidifying SOFTSWISS’ activity successful nan industry.”

ICE London Presence

All players and fans tin sojourn nan SOFTSWISS squad at ICE London 2024 to get an penetration into nan provider’s latest products and developments. The Event Streaming AI integrated into nan Casino Platform merchandise is now included successful nan breathtaking portfolio.

Source: “Casino Platform Unveils AI-Driven Event Streaming”. SOFTSWISS. February 2, 2024.

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