Spinomenal Partners with CasinoBarcelona.es to Increase Spanish Market Presence

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spinomenal_scores_content_deal_with_casinobarcelonaesspinomenal_scores_content_deal_with_casinobarcelonaesSpinomenal, a premier casino crippled developer and contented supplier to nan iGaming industry, has entered a contented business pinch CasinoBarcelona.es, 1 of nan astir salient operators successful nan regulated Spanish market. Under nan partnership, nan workplace will person its high-quality contented integrated via nan OpenGaming™ level provided by nan starring aggregator Light & Wonder arsenic an integral portion of nan contented proviso deal.

Diversified Offerings

The woody will alteration CasinoBarcelona.es to root aggregate items from an extended supplier’s room to grow nan offerings for its subordinate guidelines successful nan jurisdiction. The contented integration will facilitate an additional diversification of nan wide scope of operator’s offerings managed done nan CasinoBarcelona.es domain which is simply a often preferred gaming destination for an accrued stock of nan Spanish subordinate community.

Cutting-Edge Content Supply

At nan aforesaid time, Spinomenal will travel nan contented proviso woody provisions to supply nan usability pinch a cutting-edge portfolio of casino games including hits for illustration Demi Gods II, Wolf Fang, Queen of Fire and Majestic King. The supplier boasts state-of-the-art crippled improvement procedures and devices employed to render titles pinch high-end technological features, appealing design, and immersive crippled play group to summation nan Spinomenal’s foothold successful nan lucrative Spanish market.

Increasing Market Presence

The business pinch CasinoBarcelona.es follows Spinomenal’s caller woody pinch a Spanish usability Lowen Play to people an accrued provider’s beingness successful nan marketplace and found nan studio’s marketplace position of a reliable iGaming supplier, arsenic good arsenic a vigilant marketplace subordinate fresh to swiftly respond to marketplace trends and subordinate preferences.

Market Approach Aligned

spinomenal_scores_content_deal_with_casinobarcelonaesCasinoBarcelona.es, 1 of nan operators utilizing top-performing contented to group marketplace trends successful nan jurisdiction, seems afloat alert of nan provider’s strategical intent for it seems perfectly aligned pinch nan operator’s operating principles. Such an alignment, coupled pinch high-quality contented provision, represents a guidelines for nan latest business that seems to committedness benefits for each nan parties progressive successful nan Spinomenal’s latest Spanish deal.

Lior Shvartz, CEO for Spinomenal commented: “CasinoBarcelona.es is simply a highly regarded usability successful nan Spanish iGaming marketplace and we’re assured of nan occurrence this commercialized business will bring. Collaborating pinch CasinoBarcelona.es intends our games tin beryllium enjoyed by moreover much Spanish players.”

Alfredo Vega, Country Manager astatine CasinoBarcelona.es added: “This is simply a awesome opportunity to connection our players value gaming content. The integration of these games will beryllium a immense summation to our level and we are judge nan business will beryllium beneficial for some parties going forward.”

Source: Spinomenal scores contented woody pinch CasinoBarcelona.es”. European Gaming. January 22, 2024.

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