Ultra Rush Gold Mythical Phoenix: Gold Symbols Up the Hold and Spin Chances

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Ultra Rush Gold by Incredible Technologies

I seldom constitute astir Incredible Technologies games – for immoderate logic they each consciousness a spot same-y to me. But I did person aggregate sessions connected Ultra Rush Gold during my caller cruise, 1 of their games pinch their type of a Hold and Spin bonus. The type I played had a Tiger and Phoenix group of themes; location are others that activity a spot differently, truthful this is focused connected those themes.

The crippled is successful 50 in installments betting increments; nan progressives are nan aforesaid crossed nan stake levels successful a denomination, truthful your chances of winning nan prizes/progressives are higher pinch a bigger bet. They are awarded done a instrumentality feature, besides disposable done nan Hold and Spin.

Like astir games that usage this model, six Cash connected Reels and/or Wheel symbols will get you nan bonus. The wrinkle is immoderate of these symbols are gold.

When they onshore and are gold, they instrumentality astir for 3 much spins, unless you get different golden symbol, which resets nan counter, nan animal resets your counter, aliases you get capable symbols to trigger nan Hold and Spin (in which each golden symbols unlock aft that feature).

The crippled helpfully shows you connected nan stake sheet which stake levels person immoderate golden symbols held, truthful you tin commencement up of nan count erstwhile symbols are near behind. That said, golden symbols don’t guarantee a bonus, truthful it’s a plaything astatine a chance for an easier prize to land.

Ultra Rush Gold by Incredible Technologies clasp and rotation outcome

The Hold and Spin itself useful for illustration immoderate different – cod a number/wheel wrong 3 spins. Here, too, nan animal atop nan crippled tin take to reset nan antagonistic and springiness you an further 3 spins. One wrinkle successful this prize itself is simply a prize prize if you capable nan committee up.

When you get nan Wheel successful nan Hold and Spin, each 1 will rotation for nan 4 prizes, either a progressive aliases a prize prize. I’ve seen instances wherever nan instrumentality will beryllium upgraded from wherever it lands, truthful that’s besides possible.

As you tin spot by nan prizes successful my clasp and spin, there’s decidedly money to beryllium recovered successful there, which really opens up nan potential, not ever a awesome anticipation connected IT games, and I saw it hap a mates of times connected that $1.50 bet.

The crippled besides features a free spins bonus, which carries nan golden symbols that are already locked into and retired of nan bonus, making a prize successful nan prize possible. The prize symbols are connected reels 1, 3 and 5.

The crippled features stacked symbols successful some nan guidelines crippled and bonus, which tin supply immoderate coagulated wins while moving towards a characteristic aliases bonus. Overall it’s a nosy crippled pinch immoderate beautiful bully potential.

Ultra Rush Gold Slot Videos

TheBigPayback played it astatine a higher denomination successful this video, showing disconnected each nan features:

Slotaholic played it successful this video:

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