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Lightning Link by Aristocrat Moon Race free rotation bonus

Articles astir Lightning Link and its sequels, Dragon Link and Dollar Storm, person been a celebrated bid present connected nan site. As portion of celebrating 1 year, if you’re caller to nan tract and haven’t seen each of nan write-ups connected nan game, here’s a round-up to thief you find it all!

Lightning Cash vs. Lightning Link

The games look identical, but they person a quality successful sanction truthful thing must beryllium up. What’s the quality betwixt Lightning Cash and Lightning Link? It’s really rather simple.

Ways to #landthegrand aliases a Major

Lightning Link by Aristocrat Grand Jackpot

There are really 2 ways to triumph a Grand progressive jackpot connected Lightning Link, but it whitethorn not beryllium evident unless you return a look astatine nan salary table. Here’s a summary of how you tin triumph nan Grand aliases nan Major connected Lightning Link.

Does Seeing Balls successful All 15 Spaces Guarantee a Grand Jackpot?

Dragon Link by Aristocrat Hold and Spin feature

This 1 has travel up a lot, and acknowledgment to immoderate caller slot transmission uploads, we person a much actual answer. See if balls spinning successful each 15 spaces really guarantees nan Grand.

The Free Spin Bonuses

Lightning Link by Aristocrat Eyes of Fortune free rotation bonus

With a twelve Lightning Link variations retired successful nan United States, and moreover much variations erstwhile you adhd up Dragon Link and Dollar Storm, there’s a prize type for each taste. Learn astir each of nan prize information types and what each brings to nan table.

Super Grand Sequel: Dollar Storm

Dollar Storm by Aristocrat apical box

Dollar Storm is nan latest nonstop sequel to Lightning Link, but changes to nan crippled make it tougher than its predecessor. Here’s a rundown of what changes to expect erstwhile you play nan game.

Does Changing Your Bet/Denom Have an Impact connected Odds of Winning Progressives?

Dollar Storm by Aristocrat ace grand

While not circumstantial to Lightning Link aliases its sister games, a communal mobility is really changing your stake aliases denomination impacts nan anticipation of winning a jackpot, particularly nan apical progressives. Learn really progressive chances are impacted by bet/denomination changes.

The Latest Sequel: Lightning Dollar Link

Lightning Dollar Link by Aristocrat logo and jackpots

Last autumn Aristocrat introduced its latest iteration, Lightning Dollar Link, which adds successful nan imaginable for double aliases triple payouts for nan Mini, Minor and Major, opening up a full caller section of opportunities.

Is nan Hold and Spin Bonus an RNG-Driven Bonus?

Dragon Link by Aristocrat Hold and Spin feature

Players person often asked maine if nan Hold and Spin prize is genuinely driven by nan random number generator. I confirmed pinch members of nan Aristocrat squad past autumn that they are so RNG-based, truthful erstwhile you deed that fastener does make a difference.

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