Caesars Tier Match 2023: Steady As She Goes

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Caesars Rewards Diamond card

As MGM and its MGM Rewards programme evolves its ongoing tier lucifer opportunity, Caesars appears to person settled into its existent format too, arsenic nan 2023 version does not look to person changed from what was successful spot for 2021 aliases 2022. The tier matching page and its rules are updated for 2023, and capable to beryllium reviewed, connected its website.

For those caller to nan tier matching programme and really it works, Caesars allows caller Caesars Rewards members to tier lucifer if they person a paper from a participating casino. The database covers many, but not all, competitors adjacent their various properties and their higher level cards.

When you tier match, you person Caesars Rewards Diamond level, which offers specified perks arsenic 20% discounts successful gift shops and waived edifice fees, adjuvant perks successful cutting down costs while staying astatine Caesars properties.

Depending connected what clip of twelvemonth you tier match, nan magnitude of tier credits you request to gain to renew Diamond for nan pursuing twelvemonth reduces proportionally. So if you tier lucifer successful July, for instance, you only request to gain 7,500 tier credits, half of what is required if you had nan normal afloat year. So they do effort to beryllium adjacent astir really to support your position from there. Paired pinch nan bonus tier credits you gain for regular play, it tin beryllium rather achievable.

The caller personnel only norm was implemented successful 2020, and nan database was expanded pinch Eldorado properties by 2021, and things person stayed beautiful overmuch unchangeable since.

For those hoping to leverage nan Wyndham loophole arsenic an existing member, that was unopen down past year, though those who did lucifer earlier nan norm alteration were fixed 1 further twelvemonth earlier it took effect. So astatine this constituent only caller members and those who outright earned Wyndham Diamond position tin match.

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