Slot Moments: High Limit Major Pays Slot Queen Well

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Dragon Link by Aristocrat Hold and Spin feature

High limit Dragon Cash has captured galore players’ attention, pinch nan expertise to person much lines than connected a little limit type for bigger denominations, arsenic good arsenic nan opportunity for bigger Major and Grand jackpots.

When nan stars align, it tin get rather exciting, arsenic was nan lawsuit successful this week’s Slot Moments video.

We subordinate Slot Queen successful this video playing immoderate large bets (eek – $25 a spin!) connected that higher denomination and she’s sewage a hold and spin prize pinch a jackpot handpay right retired of nan gate.

While she’s waiting for her handpay, she gets different clasp and rotation bonus, and nan 2nd pays moreover much than nan first!

But why did she beryllium down astatine nan machine? It’s because of a much than $7,700 awesome jackpot, and truthful she didn’t triumph that successful either bonus, but successful nan process of her pursuit managed 2 handpays that together reached nan heights of that major.

If that were it, that’d beryllium a satisfying session. But she kept going, bringing her stake down. First, she did dime denomination astatine $10 a spin, past quarters astatine $12.50 spin. And finally, she settles successful astatine minimum stake of $5 a rotation backmost connected dime denomination.

Here, nan clasp and rotation prize comes backmost around. And connected nan very past reel, that Major jackpot lands! Just for illustration that, Slot Queen managed a prize that was 1,564x her stake connected nan minimum stake for that machine. The pursuit was successful.

This is different awesome illustration of what tin hap connected a instrumentality for illustration this connected minimum stake – it’s surely not nan easiest point to accomplish, but nan truth that it’s imaginable is beautiful cool.

The Slot Moments bid selects videos that tin show nan existent imaginable of a slot instrumentality game. Do you person a infinitesimal that stands retired for you? Share successful nan comments and it whitethorn beryllium featured successful a early edition!

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